Property Types and FormatsΒΆ

OMF supports the array, boolean, integer, number, and string data types defined by JSON Schema. Timestamps, dictionaries, and bit length-specific numeric properties may also be defined by setting the format keyword, as described in the table below.

Type Format Description
array   An array of objects. The required items keyword defines the type of the objects in the array.
boolean   A value of either “true” or “false”.
integer int64 64-bit integer.
integer int32 (default) 32-bit integer.
integer int16 16-bit integer.
integer uint64 64-bit unsigned integer.
integer uint32 32-bit unsigned integer.
integer uint16 16-bit unsigned integer.
number float64 64-bit floating point.
number float32 (default) 32-bit floating point.
number float16 16-bit floating point.
object dictionary A dictionary of objects, indexed by a string key. The additionalProperties keyword defines the dictionary’s value type.
string   A string.
string date-time A string representation of a timestamp, formatted as YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.fffZ.